Lily Laser Spa

24 East 12th Street, Suite 704A, New York City 10003                                                                        (212) 206-7300

What to expect at Lily Laser Spa:  Consultation, Treatment and Aftercare

·       We offer you a free consultation which includes:  Fitzpatrick Skin Typing, medical history, areas of concern for Lily Laser Hair Removal and a competitive price schedule.

·       Treatments are scheduled according to the body’s optimal hair growth phase.  At Lily Laser Spa we target the hair follicles and deactivate them while they are in the active growth phase.  Because not all hair is in the active growth phase at the same time it will take several treatments for full permanent hair reduction.

·       Aftercare includes applying sun block, moisturizing and exfoliating the treated areas.  Immediately after treatment there may be redness or swelling and this is reduced by using an icepack, aloe vera, or Benadryl Gel on the treatment site.  If you have any questions or concerns our office is always available to take your call.

Lily Laser Hair Removal is a journey exclusively for the beautiful people.  You are invited!


Call for a free consultation

Lily Laser Spa
(212) 206-7300

24 East 12th Street, Suite 704A, New York City 10003

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