Lily Laser Spa

24 East 12th Street, Suite 704A, New York City 10003                                                                        (212) 206-7300
Lily Laser Spa

                WAXING IS SO "OLD SCHOOL"
                       AND JOIN THE LUXURY OF LASER!!

Welcome to Lily Laser Spa!  Here you will receive virtually "Pain Free" laser hair removal treatments.  This new technology breaks away from "old school" laser treatments; no more rubber bands constantly snapping on your skin. We utilize the Candela GentleLASE laser integrated with Serenity Pro designed for your comfort.  Virtually pain free hair removal didn't seem possible, but now you can discover it at Lily Laser Spa! 

Go ahead!  Raise your arm to hail a cab, grab that subway straphanger or sling that handbag over your shoulder.  It feels marvelous to show off.  Give us a call; we are here for you!  Expose your sassy self confidence.

Lily Laser Hair Removal is a luxurious necessity and an essential part of your discerning beauty regimen.

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Lily Laser Spa
(212) 206-7300

24 East 12th Street, Suite 704A, New York City 10003

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